The #1 Choice for Skip Bins in Melbourne


Are you desperate to find someone who can help you with meaningful waste management? At Zaks Bin Hire, we address all our clients’ needs related to rubbish removal in Melbourne and help them in keeping their home clean and green. We provide professional waste disposal services for your residential property while prioritizing your concerns, thus, you will find our services to be dedicated, reliable, and cost-effective.

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Skip Bin Hire in Melbourne

Whether you are renovating the house, giving a new look to your garden, or reorganizing your living space, our wide range of bins would be sufficient to address all your requirements and dispose of the waste responsibly.


Residential Skip bins

You might think that skip bins are only suitable for commercial or construction related tasks but there are times when people would require them even for a residential property. Quite often, people think of renovating their homes or creating an extension to improve their living standard. A lot of concrete and other such materials are used for this purpose creating heaps of waste which cannot be managed by an ordinary waste removal company. Skip bin hire would make the tasks easier for you and can take care of the excess waste in no time.


Skip Hire in Melborne’s Suburbs

In a residential unit, the scale of a job can vary greatly and this directly affects the choice of the skip bins which would be appropriate accordingly. We have bins ranging from 4m to 14m including the low builder’s bin and the narrow-sided bins. Our bins are walk-in with a drop-down ramp which makes the tasks of loading the materials convenient and quick saving your time and energy. Whether you are doing a bit of remodeling or finally getting rid of that shed, we’ve got the right bin size for you!


Bin Hire Made Easy

As soon as you book a skip bin with us, you can become stress-free as we do not exercise delays in the provision of our services. We offer same day delivery and our team would be there to collect the debris the moment you are done with the task. We have a name in Melbourne and we like to maintain it through our exemplary services and timely waste management solutions. You definitely don’t need to worry about any of the legal concerns because we already have the permits from all the relevant councils.


Types of Rubbish Removal

Our team is also enthusiastic to help the clients and would always guide them to book the right-sized bins in accordance with the materials which you need to dispose of.

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Melbourne’s #1 Skip Bin Company

We accept most types of waste including:

  • Green waste
  • Furniture
  • Plastic
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Cardboard
  • Bricks
  • Glass
  • Flooring
  • Timber

You need to remember that food, liquid, and hazardous waste cannot be placed in our bins. We will be more than happy to address all your queries regarding the types of materials which you want to dispose of and if they are suitable or not to be placed in the skip bins.


Garden Waste Recycling

If you have just realized that you need to landscape your front lawn, you have definitely indulged yourself in days of hard work. It is hard to imagine even the amount of waste which will be collected when you finally think of removing the unnecessary shrubs and plants. While it is better for you to reuse some of the materials to contribute minimum waste to the environment, you have no other choice for the remaining materials other than to dispose them off. Using Zaks Bin Hire services is an ideal choice for all those who love gardening as we make it a breeze to remove the soil, dead leaves, and gravel.


Cheapest Skip Bin Prices

Our prices are very simple and straightforward consisting of the skip bin hire charges, pickup and delivery prices, along with tipping. There are no hidden charges and you only need to pay the amount which has been decided while finalizing the deal. For the convenience of our clients, we offer multiple payment methods including VISA and MasterCard.

To facilitate our clients even further, we offer skip bin hire services for your metal items to be delivered to the metal yard. The price you will earn from them may be higher than what you are paying to us. So that’s a win-win situation for you!


Eco-Friendly Rubbish Removal

Keeping in mind the condition of our environment, Zaks Bin Hire is also a great supporter and promoter of recycling and we encourage our clients to adopt such ways where minimum waste is produced. We believe that we do not only have a job to serve the clients but a civic responsibility towards the city of Melbourne. This is the reason that we have all the equipment and resources at our disposal so that there is no hindrance in our cleaning tasks. Our services are insured as we are the members of the Waste Management Association of Victoria. From small residential clean-ups to large-scale commercial construction, we can handle anything and everything for our clients.

Call us now to talk to our experts who will guide you regarding our exceptional services and help you book an appointment with us!


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