Skip bins are your affordable and quick solution to get things the things that you don’t want on your property removed from it, and you don’t have to buy a skip bin to use one. Just contact a skip bin hire company like Zak’s Bin Hire to take care of your waste removal and collection needs!

If you’ve never used a skip bin before, you might not be aware of what you’re allowed to dispose of in a skip bin. Even accidental disposal of prohibited materials can get you into hot water, and you also need to know what’s allowed because certain types of waste (like concrete) are suited only to certain types of skip bins.

If you aren’t sure, ask your local skip bin hire company to recommend the right skip bin size and type for your needs, and read through the info we’ve put together below to make choosing the right skip bin for your needs a lot easier.

Simply, here’s what you can and can’t toss in when it comes to a skip bin.

Allowed Materials

Skip bins can be used for the removal of a wide variety of different types of waste, including garden refuse such as clippings and trimmings, or building rubble such as bricks and frames. Here are some of the allowed materials that you are allowed to add to skip bins.

  • Most types of building rubble.
  • Most types of plant material.
  • Most types of household waste.
  • Most types of organic waste.

If you really aren’t sure whether or not the waste you’d like to have removed is suited to a skip bin, get in touch with your local skip bin company and ask! They’re there to help.

Prohibited Materials

There are certain types of materials that aren’t suited to being disposed of in a skip bin at all. If you have any of these materials that you need to have disposed of, contact a specialized waste company instead to cater to your needs.

Prohibited materials for disposal in a skip bin includes certain types of organic materials like human or animal waste due to the risk of contamination, any type of chemicals or explosive substances whether liquid, solid or powdered, batteries and certain types of electronics.

If you have electronics like old computers to dispose of, then there are many specialist removal companies which can deal with recycling these in an environmentally responsible manner. In other cases, many times goods like fridges can be put into skip bins, but only with certain conditions: Fridges need to be de-gassed, and doors should be removed before intending to throw a fridge into a skip bin.

Again, if you aren’t sure whether the type of material you want to throw in the skip bin is allowed, double-check with your skip bin hire company.`

Do I Need to Sort It?

For most types of removals like garden rubbish, there’s no need to have to sort through it before putting it in your skip bin – but if you’re a business that goes through a fair amount of things like paper versus glasses, then it’s time to start sorting. Speak to your local skip bin hire company about sorting and recycling options if you’re in need of it – and where you aren’t sure if different types of materials can be mixed together, just ask the company first.

What Happens When Prohibited Material is Found?

Even accidental disposal of prohibited materials in your skip bin can be hugely problematic, and you could be held responsible for any prohibited materials found in it – yes, even if you say that you didn’t know and it was an honest mistake. If this is the case, then your skip hire company could refuse to conduct the removal of the waste off your property due to the associated risk, and you might be held responsible for any costs arising from the proper disposal of the prohibited materials.