Skip bins are the preferred way of waste removal for when you have a larger amount of waste to dispose of. They’re available in several different sizes, and ideal for most types of bulk waste removals you’ll ever need, including carting away garden refuse after a landscaping session, or even getting rid of building rubble after a remodeling project.

More than this, skip bins are affordable for both home and business use, and there are plenty of companies – including Zaks Bin Hire – that offer them for hire.

If you think that a skip bin could be right for your needs, don’t hire just any skip bin company for the job. There are some essential things you have to think about before booking your skip bin.

  • For business or home use?

Skip bins are ideal for both home and business use, and you’ll probably have a pretty good idea of which of these you’re going to need your bin for before you get in touch with the skip bin company. Commercial needs might require a larger skip bin size and a regular pick-up time, Whereas residential skip bins might be smaller, and are usually for things like moving away rubble after renovation, but can also be for regular waste disposal.

  • Choose a reputable skip bin company

Always make sure that you choose a reputable and registered skip bin company. Finding out if your chosen skip bin company is registered is as easy as reading a few previous client reviews and looking up their company registration details to make sure they really are a registered company. For you, this means peace of mind when letting any staff on to your property, and it also means they’re more likely to dispose of the waste they remove in environmentally responsible ways.

  • Waste sorting is important

Sorting through waste is an essential step in the disposal and recycling process, and it’s never too early to start. Especially if you have more intensive home waste removal needs (a large amount of soil, garden refuse or other material) or commercial needs, waste sorting can become more important. Sort through waste and separate different types like glass versus plastic – it can cut a huge chunk of time out of the recycling process.

  • Some waste can’t be put in a skip bin

Skip bins aren’t suited to all types of waste: Some types of organic material (such as medical waste or meats) can’t be thrown into a skip bin, and other materials that might present a hazard (such as chemicals, batteries and certain types of electronics like computer screens) will have to be disposed of in different ways – usually by getting in touch with a removal company who specializes in this kind of waste.

  • If you aren’t sure, ask about the type of waste

Some types of waste like concrete can requite specific types of waste bins. If you aren’t sure about which bin is right for

your needs, get in touch with your skip bin company and ask. Keep in mind that there are also different sizes available, so

make sure to choose the right skip bin size for your needs, too – and when not sure, too much space is better than too little.

  • Consider the placement of the skip bin

Where you’ll put your skip bin is pretty important, so think about this beforehand! There should be ample space for the skip bin to stand, but also enough space surrounding this for the truck to safely place the skip bin, and access it again for removal. Make sure there are no obstructions in the way, and make sure you’ve chosen a big enough skip bin to avoid overflowing.