About Us

Why choose Our Services?

At ZAKS BIN HIRE, we endeavour to provide the most convenient waste removal, rubbish bin hire, and solid ZAKS BIN achievable. Our commitment to the community extends beyond simply supplying rubbish skips for the removal of waste; we also strive to maintain the beauty of the Melbourne surrounding by affording local businesses and families the most efficient rubbish skip hire and the means to effectively recycle and reducing landfill.

ZAKS BIN HIRE supply rubbish skips in a range of sizes, for a host of various recycling needs. From Skip Bin hire rangeing from 4m3 to 14m3, our company caters to all your recycling needs.

Waste removal services we supply include:
  • Skip Bin Hire (small to large): our rubbish skips range in size from 4-14cubic metres.Higher size available upon special requests.
  • Cheap Skip Hire: reduced rates for the individual rubbish removal of 100% concrete or 100% clean soil.
  • Walk In Bin Hire: also known as “Roller Bins”, walk in bins are readily available for hire.
  • Solid Waste Management: from green waste to concrete, soil and steel, ZAKS BIN HIRE recycle all forms of hard refuse.